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HP Proliant DL385G2 Dual
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  • 제품설명

    *** HP 2U Servers *** 01) Model: HP Proliant DL385G2, 2.2G Dual CPU 02) sale 03) used *** option:memorys, hdds, ***
  • *** 주의사항 ***

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    Technical specifications
    Number of processors
    2 supported

    Serverworks HT-2100 Northbridge and HT1000 Southbridge Chipset

    Processor core available

    Maximum memory
    32 GB

    Memory slots
    8 DIMM slots

    Memory type
    PC2-5300 DIMMs (DDR2-667); Standard models support 2:1 Interleaving, with Bank Interleaving (Data saved across 2 pairs of DIMMs) and Node interleaving supported (data saved across 2 processors memory sets) available

    4 Total PCI-Express slots: three x8 and one x4, optional mixed 2 PCI-X / two x8 PCI-Express and Optional cage with PCI with two x8, one x16 and one x4

    Integrated ATI ES1000

    Hard disk controller
    Performance Models: HP Smart Array P400/512MB BBWC Controller (RAID 0/1/5/6); Base Models: HP Smart Array P400/256MB Controller (RAID 0/1/5). Available upgrades: 512MB memory module for RAID 0/1/5/6, battery for battery-backed write cache (BBWC); Entry Models: HP Smart Array E200/64MB Controller (RAID 0/1). Available upgrades: 128MB memory module for RAID 0/1/5, battery for battery-backed write cache (BBWC)

    Internal mass storage
    Hot Plug SAS: 1.168 TB (8 x 146 GB with standard internal hot plug SFF SAS drive cage)

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