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HP 1GB FBD PC2-5300 2x512MB
판매가격 전화문의
제조사 HP
파트넘버 397409-B21
판매형태 보유상품
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  • 제품설명

    397409-B21 HP 1GB FBD PC2-5300 2x512mb Kit



  • Overview:
    When upgrading memory, DIMMs 1A and 3A must match. DIMMs 5B and 7B, DIMMs 2C and 4C, and DIMMs 6D and 8D must match and must be installed as a pair. When DIMMs 1A and 3A are populated the system is automatically configured for 2:1 interleaving. When all 4 banks are populated the system is automatically configured for 4:1 interleaving. When four, six, or eight DIMMs are populated with identical DIMMs the system is automatically configured for bank interleaving.

    NOTE: In the online spare configuration, the ROM automatically configures the last populated bank as the spare memory. If only banks A and B are populated, bank B is the spare bank. If banks A, B, and C are populated, bank C is the spare bank, Online spare memory is configured through RBSU.

    NOTE: Mirrored Memory uses mirrored banks to provide a high level of memory redundancy. Customer chooses to implement or not: User selectable via BIOS and default is off.

    Category Proliant Memory
    Sub-Category Genuine HP Memory
    Generation PC2-5300
    Part Number 397409-B21
    Products ID 142197
    Storage Capacity 1 GB ( 2 x 512 )
    Upgrade Type System Specific
    Technology DDR II SDRAM
    Memory Speed 667 MHz (PC2-5300)
    Rank Single